Work-Life Balance CELEBRATIONS

Naja, thank you so much for your advice. I have been taking the whole food powder you recommended and extra magnesium for my pelvic muscle spasms and it is working well. Of all the doctors and healthcare people I have met with, you were the one that had the best advice specifically for me.- Diane J. 52 y/o

Concern over side effects from Oxybutin, used for 2.5 yrs. for incontinence, I learned of Naja and her integrative methods. I not only had immediate and continuing results, but benefited from her network of referrals! She has improved my life and I highly recommend her. - Mary 80 y/o 

Life is about moments in time, & being in the right place at the right! Thank you for being the right "coach" in the place for my in time! I am so grateful!! Jamie S. - 44 y/o

I can’t thank Naja enough for giving me the tools to fix my hamstring.  Keep me from re-injury, and excelling on my fitness test. I just took my fitness test and was able to run 1.5 miles in 10:46. With her advice, I’ve improved my health and fitness and feel better than I ever have. Not bad for a 46 year old Air Force chick! - Connie C. 46 y/o

I have been seeing Naja for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. She is excellent. She is kind, compassionate and extremely dedicated to patient care and satisfaction. I find her knowledge of all aspects of the human body and it’s functioning amazing. If you didn’t know she is a Women's Health Coach you would think she had an M.D. degree based on her level of knowledge. She is always punctual and has contagious positive energy. It is very obvious she enjoys her work tremendously. - Linda P. 70 y/o

Naja, I can't thank you enough for the light and direction that you've provided me during our short time together. I've always felt empowered when leaving your presence, and for that I am truly grateful! Thank you for all that you've done for me and those dealing with similar issues. You and your work are truly appreciated. - K.B 37 y/o.