For Women in Their Child-bearing Years Thru menopause years

Group Workshops


These 3-part series workshops are ideal for a group of women (6 or more in attendance) who are tired of struggling with pelvic pain or gut issues seeking help, support, resources ad techniques to transform to a healthier lifestyle

Corporate Wellness


Workplace Wellness workshops (60 -minutes) are ideal for employers who want to support their staff in being successful and productive employees. These workshops are energetic, interactive, , goal-oriented and presented in a n easy-to understand format. Employees gain a wealth of knowledge and nourishing health-filled habits. In turn, employees feel empowered to take action immediately on the path to achieving their health goals. Facilitating improved  employee productivity and improve employee retention. Win-Win!

Individual Program


One on One private sessions (50 minutes ea ) that provide customized support, education, resources and tools to help women with pelvic pain or gut issues achieve their health goals so that they can ENJOY their quality of life!

Benefits of a Women's Health Coach


According to The International Coaching Federation, 98% of coaching clients report that working with their health coach was a positive decision and worth the expense. Empowering women to heal their pelvic pain and improve their gut health.